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  • Here are our open positions:


    The Problem Solver a.k.a.

    UI/UX Designer


    This is about bringing beauty, simplicity, and user friendliness to complex design roadblocks.


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    The Project Chief a.k.a.

    Project Manager


    This position is for someone who likes big challenges and doesn't mind juggling multiple projects simultaneously.


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    The Many Faced God a.k.a.

    Junior Full-Stack Developer


    If you want to learn from the best, and become an expert Full-Stack Developer, this entry level position is for you.


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    We're building the team we always dreamt of working with.



  • This is what the team likes most about working at gtlogic.

    Bring your pet to work

     If you are worried your dog / cat / hamster is feeling lonely at home while you're at work, our Diego needs company. 

    Meaningful work

    Your input will matter from day one. Work on projects that help change makers become more efficient.


    Gym membership

    Everyone is bound to gain a couple of pounds the first month. Make up for that during the rest of the year!

    Breakfast Fridays

    We can have anything on Fridays except for knefe which is only allowed when Rami is taking the day off!

    The usual stuff

    Laptop, insurance, NSSF, transportation... Did we forget anything? Oh yes, the flexible hours and occasional work-from-anywhere. 



    We write code for fun. This means we enjoy experimentation and innovation; we cannot rest if it’s “just another job”. 


  •  Here are some of the projects we enjoyed the most

    Lebtivity has grown beyond its simple role as a social calendar for events to highlight the country’s rich cultural diversity by showcasing the multitude of events and activities happening every day.


    Jellyfish is a web-app for budget management for project teams. Easily collaborate with your team to take control of your project financials without breaking a sweat!

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